There Comes a Time

When we announced we would indeed be moving to Utah, the JayP protested loudly.  It was understandable that our very social high schooler was upset and even angry about the move.  Although he had always been home schooled, the last several years had been difficult on him, as he truly wanted to go to school.  In Maryland that was just not possible.  There was no way we would even consider sending him to the local public high school, and the cost and transportation to private high schools was just not worth it, no matter how strong his desire.

While considering the job, Wingnut and I researched the possibility of sending the JayP to a Catholic high school.  Wingnut found a fairly promising school in Ogden. When in Utah for his job interview, he had the chance to visit and tour the school.  He was sufficiently impressed and we began the process of applying for JayP to attend. Fortunately, he was accepted into the school and we were able to find classes that he would be able to merge into fairly easily.  The school offers a wonderful Catholic education, is unafraid to proclaim it's Catholic identity, and is affordable.  The only draw back has been the 30 minute drive to and from school and the increasing likelihood we will not find a carpool from our neck of the woods (we may be one of only two non-Morman families in our little town).

It has been worth it.  The JayP has, for the most part, been a different kid.  He loves school, actually works hard at it, and is much more pleasant around home. The chemistry teacher was convinced JayP would fail his class, and has had to eat his own words as JayP continues to soar past the teacher's low expectations (I'm not sure what the chemistry teacher thought JayP was doing for chemistry before attending this school, but I have a feeling he will now hold home schoolers in a bit higher regard). He's made several new friends and has joined the basketball team.  He's happy to be out of the house, and we are happy to have him gone most of the day ;)

I've tried not to put limits on where I would allow homeschooling to take our family.  I had always taken the idea year by year. I also never truly dreamed I'd put any of the children into conventional school, but there comes a time, even for the most dyed in the wool homeschooling mom, when conventional school is where a particular child should be.  I'm ok with that.


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