{P,H,F,R} It's Cold Out There

round button chicken

These photos were taken nearly 3 weeks ago on a trip to frozen over East Canyon Lake, Ut.  The kids had a blast walking out onto the lake.  It was amazingly beautiful and bitterly cold!

Our lovely almost 19 year old.

This is "K", she's Skoshi A's BFF and her parents graciously allowed her to make the trek with us out to Utah.  She flew back to Maryland two weeks ago with our oldest daughter.  We miss her so much.  I loved her pretty, sweet smile in this photo.


Skoshi A has a true sense of adventure.  She could not wait to get out on that frozen lake.  She is fearless!

You never know what kinds of expressions you might have captured until you get up and upload your photos.  These candid, funny faces of Lil' Wingnut 

and Special K are priceless.


Did I mention the bitter cold.  Lil' Lamb, wasn't too sure what we were up to.  This is his "What the????" face.


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