We Have a House!

Wingnut put in a bid on a house in Utah on Wednesday and by the evening it had been accepted!  I want to cheer, but I'm also feeling really nervous.  We have two mortgages.  That's a scary, scary thought!  Today we get to work on listing the Maryland house for rent.  I'll feel so much better once we get that going, I'm sure.

So the new house, surprisingly meets many of my Dream House Mauri ideals!

2 full plus 1 3/4 bathrooms--check
Fairly spacious kitchen with walk-in pantry--check and check
A gas range--check
A covered 3 car garage--check although I'm not yet sure the 12 passenger will fit, we shall see
Land--not the 2 to 3 acres, but 1.09 acres will do for now--check
Not just one, but two laundry ROOMS (one will be used as a mud room)--check and check again
6 bedrooms--not only will our girls have a room of their own when they come to visit, but we can have guests staying with us as well!--check
Three living areas that will work as a formal living, a family room, and an exercise room
A walk in master closet--check

The house is convenient to base, school, monastery, and work.  There are 210 acres of community property with running trails, parks, basketball court, and barbeque pavilion.  It should just about suit our family.  God is Good!


Deo Gratias! That is amazing. So happy for you all!
Katie said…
That sounds awesome!!
Anonymous said…

Your Favorite Photography Student
Anonymous said…
From a dream house to moving in! That was awesome! I’ll hold on to what you said in one of your posts: “It never hurts to dream.”. You already have your dream house now and I just hope that you’re staying happily there up to this time. Anyway, have you posted photos of your home? I’m excited to see your kitchen with the walk-in pantry. :)

-- Oscar Lang
Carmen Monrovia said…
@Oscar - It never hurts to dream, and I bet you’re also dreaming about your dream house. LOL! Wanting to have your own home is not bad, but when you really have the determination to achieve that dream, you can pretty much take it step by step. I’m pretty sure that Maurisa has tried many things and worked so hard to get this house. You can turn your dreams into reality, if only you have enough courage to try and do something about it. :)

Carmen Monrovia
@Oscar – You can take out a mortgage if you want your dream house as soon as possible. This year is projected to be one of the best times to start investing in your houses since the interest rates for mortgages are low, but beware of loan sharks. They might fool you with very “convincing” offers so you better talk to a trusted financial institution regarding your mortgage.


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