{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} 11/11/11

round button chicken


 We attended 1st Profession of Vows for several Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara.  Afterward, there were photo ops with Cardinal McCarrick.  I love this photo from the back with the Sisters' arms entwined around each other.


 Lil' Wingnut could not be happier to be a big brother.  He's so loving and gentle with Lil' Lamb.


 We were able to visit with Oleander on Saturday for family day at the Aspirancy.  Oleander wanted to provide entertainment and convinced her classmates and the Sisters to sing for us.  When going through the photos from the weekend I came across this one with Special K in the back holding the "microphone"(really and ice cream scoop) and the crazed expression on her face and I chuckled out loud.  No one had noticed at the time how silly she was being.


Lil' Lamb is completely mobile and photo shoots with him are becoming more difficult as I try and keep the camera away from his little paws.


Anonymous said…
haha! Lil'Lamb has a very determined look on his face. He really wants your camera. =)
MissMOE said…
What a great set of photos! Loved them all.
*kate said…
I love your photos! Your pretty and happy are both beautiful :)
justamouse said…
lil' lamb coming at the camera is too funny! What a serious look on his face!
Mary Jo said…
Lil' Lamb is simply precious! :)
Mama Bear, JD said…
I loved all of your photos! And the sisters, what a great experience for your family. I always feel humbled when I scroll through the PHFR posts!
Mary said…
Great pictures! I love your daughter belting it out with the sisters. And your son definitely has his game face on!

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