{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} 9/1

round button chicken


It could be the most lovely day and this little girl will refuse to go out and play, but give her a hurricane and there she is playing happily in the wind and rain.


Our very happy 14 year old left for Aspirancy School on Tuesday. She was supposed to go on Saturday, but Irene blew in and messed with everyone's plans. As soon as the storm was over, Oleander was on the phone with Mother Ephesus asking when she could come to school. Mother said all four girls were calling and begging to come.


Lil' Lamb has finally started taking a little cereal, not because he's been famished and unsatisfied with nursing, but because I began to worry he might lose his chubby little thighs if I didn't start feeding him solids.


Not everyone was happy and excited for Oleander to begin her adventure. Pool Lil' Wingnut.


Rosie said…
I love the picture of your girl in the rain - beautiful!
And what a cute, happy (chubby) little baby!
*kate said…
I love your {pretty} picture! And that funny just cracked me up :) What a great face.
Linny said…
I also love the picture of your girl in the rain! Great color contrasts with the gloom of the day and her bright and pretty outfit!
justamouse said…
What fantastic pictures!
Inch said…
Great Pictures!
It's so hard to say bye, I almost started to cry seeing the photo of Lil'Wingnut and Oleander.

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