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Special K keeps putting this bonnet and American Girl glasses on Lil' Lamb. She finds it pretty hysterical.


Yes, I send my kids out into the rain.  In fact, they beg to go out into the rain.  You would too, if you had rockin' fireman rain boots like Lil' Wingnut.

The reality of homeschooling: Sometimes you have to do it wherever you can, even out on the porch on a rainy morning so your little brother can play in his rockin' fireman rain boots.


Anonymous said…
Oh my! Lil'Lamb looks like an old lady, but oh so cute! I would frame that picture and have it hung up. lol
Katie said…
Cute! those pics are funny. Our boys were running around in the pouring rain in Yorktown last week . . . they loved it.
Lisa said…
That pic of your little one is a scream! She seems to have a cute wide-eyed thing she does, anyway - judging from the photo on your sidebar.
Yours Truly said…
Very nice pictures--Your little one is adorable despite the bonnet and glasses!
Mrs. Fordyce said…
Love, love, love the first picture! So adorable. That is definitely worthy of being framed! My children love playing in the rain, but then again, in Oregon, if you don't you will be indoors for, oh, nine months of the year!
LOL! You're baby is going to hate that picture when he's older, but I think it's hilarious. We let our kids play out in the rain too. They loved it!
Mama Bear, JD said…
I think it's so much fun when older siblings put things on the little ones - I have one I treasure of one boy wearing bunny ears, just beaming up at his older brother, who thinks it is quite hysterical. Great picture!
Leila said…
What a riot that first picture is!! I love it!
Great post.

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