Monday, December 20, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Lil' Wingnut Cuteness

Wingnut thinks I blog too much about Lil' Wingnut and not enough about him. Whatever. How can I pass up sweet stories like the following:

Lil' Wingnut: Ooh, Mama, what is this? It is so beautiful!

Me: That's Daddy's Presidential Medal. The President gave it to him. Did the President give you one?

Lil' Wingnut: No. Is it magnetic?

Me: No. It has little pins on it to keep it on Daddy's shirt.

He then picks up a pair of silver wings from Wingnut's uniform: Ooh! This is nice too! Is it magnetic?

Me: Those are Daddy's pilot's wings. They aren't magnetic either. You have to be a pilot to have those. Are you a pilot?

Lil' Wingnut with downcast face: No.

He then picks up Wingnut's name tag that bears our family's last name and holds it up to me with a big grin on his face as he reads it and realizes that it is his last name.

Me: Yep, that's your last name too.

Lil' Wingnut: Is it magnetic?

Me: No, it has little pins to keep it on Daddy's shirt.

Lil' Wingnut: Can I have it?

Me: No, Daddy needs it for his uniform, but I bet he has an old one you can have.

At this point, Wingnut gets up and starts rummaging around for old uniform name tags. He comes across a medal he earned by playing on the handball team at the Academy and gives it to his lil' guy. Lil' Guy is thrilled, but becomes even more so as Wingnut hands him an old name tag. Adding to the thrill, this particular tag is magnetic! He wears both proudly for about all of about 5 minutes. It sure was a cute 5 minutes.
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Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Wow...lil' Wingster is cute but of course the medal and name tag only last 5 minutes. If it was something his wonderful Uncle Walter had given him he would be entertained for years. Who else would provide the greatest gift having something to do with poop, farts, Seahawks, Mariners or Star Wars...or a combination thereof. The little spakler knows that with his uncle he is guranteed a truckload of fun that his mom would not really approve of...that is why uncles are the best!!!

Love ya Mau,


Dawn said...

Great Post! As usual I love your brothers comment. Does he have his own blog? He should. He's hilarious.

Maurisa said...

Dawn, don't encourage him! I'll lose half my readership if he goes elsewhere.