Monday, December 6, 2010

Saint Nick Knows How to Win the Hearts of Children

"You see. I didn't get a single chunk of coal in my stocking!"

We've spent the last several weeks trying to convince Lil' Wingnut that every child does and should love Saint Nick. I blogged about it here. He was absolutely convinced he was going to receive coal in his stocking due to his disdain for Santa. Boy, was he ever surprised this morning, when on the Feast of Good Saint Nicholas he received not coal, but slippers, candy, and a Nerf Dart Tag Target. You see, Saint Nick knows Lil' Wingnut is a huge fan of the History Channel's reality show Top Shot. He also knows that for some children, a chubby old man, dressed in a furry red suit, who invades your home in the middle of the night, might come across as a bit creepy. Thankfully, despite his feeling for Santa, Lil' Wingnut has been a very, very good little boy this year.

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!

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