Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Immortal Words of Gob Bluth, "C'mon!"

I don't ask for much, really I don't. Is it too much to ask for one nice family photo a year? Is it? Someone(I'm not mentioning any names) in this family will not cooperate. It's not like I asked them to sit for a formal photo in a studio, or to wear matching lumberjack outfits, or hold silly props. We just happened to be in the same place at the same time, and happened to be dressed nicely, and happened to be at the National Shrine, which is a lovely location for a quick, informal family photo. But this is what I was given to work with. . .

Yep, Wingnut and Lil' Wingnut were the culprits.

If one happened to cooperate, the other was sure to make a ridiculous face.

I can't really blame the 4 year year old. He's too much like his father.


And so, this is the family portrait that will go in all of our Christmas cards this year. Should I offer an explanation? Seriously, c'mon!
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Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Oh Maurisa! This made me smile so much. My daughter Shelby is autistic so pictures of her smiling are few and far between. Ones of her with her eyes half-open however... :). And you look so beautiful and "elegantly pregnant." Honestly, that is what my eye was drawn to, so I don't think you need to put in any kind of explanation!

Sarah Oldham said...

the laugh I got from this is priceless and it's made my holiday more fun! Thanks for sharing!!!

Mary @ Cheerios said...

I love it! What 4 yr old would not be silly and make funny faces and gestures!?!?? heeee heeeee
It's the real life deal and I love it. Go for it! :) At least it was not your teenager making those faces!!! ;) You should see our pic that I think we'll use-my 2 yr old stuck out his tongue in every pic so that is what we have to work with! haaaa LOL
God bless,

Walt said...
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Our Family said...

What was your photographer thinking? ;)

Maurisa said...

Yes, what was he thinking?

aka the Mom said...

Last year (and I'm not kidding here), I shot 124 photos trying to get ONE decent shot of the kids for the Christmas card.

We went with a religious card and no photo. I so feel your pain on this one.