Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More on Service Above Self

My blogging buddy, Natalie, made a very valid point in the combox, yesterday. There is a fine line between teaching responsibility and creating resentment when older children are charged with the care of younger siblings. As the oldest of three, myself, I understand that type of bitterness and resentment to a certain extent. I pray we do not cross that line with our own children, and I'm fairly confident that we do not.

With four older children capable of helping out, caring for the two younger siblings is usually fairly evenly divided. In general, our children are very giving and generous and love to help not only at home, but enjoy helping with the various charitable projects their CCD and youth groups develop. Too often, it is easier for our children to be charitable and giving to friends and strangers outside our home than to be so in our very own family. Isn't that so for many of us? This was what I was attempting to address in my post yesterday. The lesson they've had more difficulty with is the importance of showing love, care, and generosity to those closest to them. Fostering a heart of service at home is just as important as creating a heart of service toward the world.
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Natalie said...

I agree that it can be so difficult to show love to our closest friends and family. It's like in the backs of our hearts, minds, and souls, that we know we love them, and they know we love them, so then logic steps in and says, "well we know we all love each other deep down so we don't need to show it since it's already there..." I've been told that it is good to love your siblings, but you don't have to like them. At the moment, I can hardly stand my brother because he has chosen to stand for just about everything the Catholic faith (and our family) is against, but my love is there for him and I pray for him to see the Light of life.

Tonya said...

OH! I just read a great blog post about the older sibling thing...