Back to Normal

Waaaaaah! I so thoroughly enjoyed our two week Christmas break, I can't believe it is back to the grind today. The highlight of our break was the 21 inches of snow, or as one of our friends put it, the Advent miracle. The snow led to all our activities being cancelled for that weekend. Holed up in the house, life slowed down and we were given the blessing of really being able to prepare mentally, spiritually, and physically for Christmas. It was the most lovely Christmas.

I don't believe in making New Year resolutions. Resolutions should be made every time we head to confession, right? One of the best blog posts I read for New Year resolutions can be found on Michelle's blog, Rosetta Stone. In fact, she has written some truly great posts the last several weeks, definitely worth a gander.

Anyhoo, since I don't make New Year resolutions, I will share one goal I will be striving for, as it's really been on my heart and mind. I really need to limit my internet haunting. It's really been interfering with more important things around here. My new rule is no internet until the kids have finished their school work for the day. We've been slowly slouching into beginning school later and later each morning. My being on the net has contributed to that. I also need to be more available to the children during school. When they see me on the computer they find me unapproachable for help. That is not a good thing. So from now on, no blog posts, no emails, no Facebook before homeschooling is done.


Walt said…
Hey Mau,

My New Year Resolution is to stop believing in giving resolutions and to leave a full blown confession of all of my deepest darkest sins in the form of an email daily to you (I would do it weekly but I'm afraid there is no server large enough to handle that size of email). I also resolve to make fun of you and your children everytime I get a chance to read your wonderful blog (by the way...lovin the wallpaper!!!) My final resolution is to make and enjoy that Bacon Cream Cheese Dip once I lose another 20 pounds. Thanks for the opportunity to speak what's on my incredibly shallow mind!!!!

Love Ya Mau!

Tonya said…
I so relate to the internet thing.
Michelle said…
You are very kind.

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