Recipe: Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are packed with vitamin C, Iron, and Thiamine. They can also be absolutely delicious, if prepared correctly. When I tell folks our family loves brussel sprouts, they tend to be incredulous, until I share our favorite method of preparation.

Start with fresh brussel sprouts. For our family of 8 we need approximately 30 sprouts. Make a V cut at the stem end of the sprouts and remove the stem.

This allows for much easier peeling of the outer leaves from the sprouts. Peel off the leaves as far down into the sprout as possible and place in a colander. Our children help with this task as I prep the rest of our dinner. Rinse and drain thoroughly.

No part of the sprout goes unused, as many of our children prefer raw sprouts and will eat whatever is left of the inner core.

Mince two cloves of garlic. Add two teaspoons olive oil and cloves of garlic to a large skillet and heat over medium low heat. When the garlic begins to sizzle and becomes fragrant, add rinsed and drained Brussel sprouts, toss to coat with oil and garlic. Increase heat to medium high and saute until leaves have wilted and turned a deep, emerald green. Serve.


Tonya said…
OH I'm so glad you posted this. You told me about it and I've always wanted to make it. My kids LOVE brussel sprouts too. We just put a little water, butter and sugar on them and steam them. MMMM. Little Bit LOVES them! :-)
Katie said…
That sounds yummy!
Party of Eleven said…
YUM! My MIL makes a similar recipe for Thanksgiving :)
Sarah - Kala said…
What a delicious way to serve them/eat them! I like them, too. My family always eyed me suspiciously when I said I liked them . . . whatever! More for me.
Anonymous said…
My family had a GREAT brussel sprout/sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving, and it was AWESOME!!!!!! Its sounds disgusting, but its actually AMAZING! SOOOO GOOD!


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