Mid-Term Elections are Important. Who Knew?

Confession: I don't always vote in mid-term elections or primaries. Wingnut and I vote absentee in Washington State, and lets face it, it requires spending considerable time in research to place a well thought out vote.

I did know Washington had an important measure on the ballot regarding extending more benefits to domestic partnerships. Wingnut and I wanted to have a say in that, so on Sunday we opened our ballots, did our research, and placed our votes.

There were several initiatives regarding moving city monies around for one thing or another, there was the domestic partnership resolution, and there were several empty judges' seats, city council seats, and school board memberships. Oh, how I love the internets. I was able to find information on nearly every candidate, just by googling their names.

I voted against one candidate for city council because he was endorsed by the State's Democratic Party. That in itself may have been enough, but I also have a wonderful friend, a die-hard-kool-aid-drinking-liberal, who worked feverishly on his campaign. My friend has a heart of gold, but she is on the opposite side, the wrong side, of so many issues. I know I can vote against anyone she supports with an absolutely clear conscience. Sorry, J., I still love ya.

We voted for one school board member because she raised eight children and is a grandmother to many. She had great educational background to boot, but honestly, it was her eight kids that won us over.

Wingnut and I voted for a school board member because she was described as a "lunatic creationist". Ok, that definitely isn't enough to garner a vote, but it was that description that led us to the candidate's website where we were able to read about her many wonderful qualifications and admire her courageous pro-life proclamation. Yep, that's the kind of woman I want on the school board!

After this voting experience, I believe we'll be much more conscientious about voting in mid-terms and primaries. They really can be quite important.

*P.S. As of this morning, it looks like all of our local choices were losers, with the exception of the money issues. Bummer. Thankfully it looks like all the important Governors' races have swung right.


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