Hooray for Mom

Small Successes for Thursday, November 12, 2009

1) We are in the kitchen, if you fly with the Flylady. I cleaned and reorganized several cupboards in the kitchen and gave my Passquini Espresso machine a polish. She is so shiny and clean, I might just have to make myself another cup when I finish this post.

2) I actually got my hiney out the door for a walk twice this week. Once I got walking I felt a little extra spring in my step and I began running. On both occasions I ran a mile. Yes, a whole mile! I haven't run since I was in my early twenties, and I actually enjoyed getting a move on. After my little jogs, I decided I definitely needed to trade in my walking shoes for running shoes. I now have some lovely new Gel Asics for the next time I feel a little spring in my step.

3) Wingnut was actually home for Veteran's Day, yesterday. We loaded up the van and headed downtown to the Basilica for confession and then took the whole crew to the Air and Space Museum for a little exploring. We had a lovely day together.

What are your successes this week? Leave your link at Faith and Family Live.


Rob said…
your saying you ran and bought running shoes brought a tear to my eye
Dawn said…
Congrats on the run!
ViolinMama said…
What an incredible week! Believe in yourself...you truly help inspire those who read!

Much love!!!!

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