{P,H,F,R} 6/14

round button chicken

{Pretty &Happy}

More of the flowers planted by our home's previous owners are blooming each week.  These are just lovely and the colors 

{Happy & Funny}

Lil' Lamb loves to play ball of any kind.  He especially loves hitting the ball with a baseball bat, or having someone lift him up to dunk a basketball.

{Funny & Real}

We've got some unbelievably nasty looking weeds on our land.  This one has been particularly resistant to the weed killer we've been using.  It's almost as big as Lil' Wingnut.  I keep Lil' Lamb as far from it as I can, because I am sure it will eat him!


Lisa said…
That second picture is so cute!
(your weed is scary!)

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