5 of 7 of our babies were bald, bald, bald until they were about two and a half years old.  Oleander was born with a full head of light brown hair and from the time she was very little she was good about wearing hair clips and bows.  I even designed and made cute little hair bows for her that we called "Ollie's Bow-bows".  Funny, she's the one that will have hers cut to the nape and covered with a habit in the years to come; God Willing!

Lil' Lamb is my other babe blessed/cursed with hair at a youngish age.  I tried clipping his hair in the bathtub a few months back and completely butchered it.  He looked ridiculous and so I just let his hair grow.  He was beginning to look very raggedy and he'd taken to rubbing his food all over his head, making him look even more raggedy.  It was time to take him to a barber.  Wingnut found a nice little old fashioned type of barbershop in town and sat Lil' Lamb on his lap.  Lil' Lamb was curious, if not a bit apprehensive to begin.  For several moments the barber clipped away at his baby fine hair with the electric clippers. Suddenly, the lil' guy had enough and the struggle ensued.  He squirmed and wailed throughout the rest of the hair cut.  Thankfully, our barber was a real pro and he was able to continue clipping the struggling boy. He finished mercifully quick and made a fine job of it.  Our lil' guy no longer looks scruffy and unkempt.  He also no longer looks like a baby.  I wasn't ready for him to become a toddler so soon.  Boo-hoo!


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