Milestone Birthday

Today our Lil' Wingnut turns a whopping six years old.  To him, this is a huge milestone.  According to our lil' guy, "Now you have to respect me!"

This child of ours has kept us on our toes and kept us laughing.  He's one smart cookie and unfortunately he knows it.  So out of deference to him and his lil' ego, it is time once again to give his nickname an upgrade.  No longer shall he be known as Lil' Wingnut.  We are wishing Wingnut Jr. a very happy and blessed 6th birthday today.  We love you lil' man!


Anonymous said…
A Big Happy Birthday to you godson!! I can't believe your already six. I miss you bad. Have lots and lots of fun today. And an extra slice of dessert for me. I'm sure godmother will write or call later today.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!
MV said…
HaHa! Along with his newfound (newly-demanded) respect, remind him that a young man must always afford his dear mother all the honor and dignity of her place in his life!:)
Hope all of you enjoy a wonderful day. Miss you!
Anonymous said…
Dearest Godson,

Wishing you all the joy and happiness your 6-year-old heart can hold!!! You have been in our thoughts and prayers all day birthday boy. We love you so much, but remember God loves you best!!! Enjoy your special day dear one. =)


p.s. Birthday treats will be arriving soon!!

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