{P, H, F, R} Boys and Cherry Pie, Too

round button chicken


As long as he's still 5, I can say he's pretty, right? I love his eyes and their constant mischievious twinkle. 


Wingnut love, love, loves pie.  For Father's Day he was one happy dad because of the delicious cherry pie we made for him.


Lil' Lamb has enjoyed playing in his little pool.  He has a new game. He "pretends"to fall over backward out of his pool. 

He really gets into it, making a huge deal with his facial expressions, 

throwing in some sound effects, 

and then collapsing to the ground in a little heap.


My little guys have got the sibling rivalry bug right now.

Especially Lil' Lamb, he pushes

and slaps, 

and shoves his big brother, 

who then takes on a very menacing stance over his baby brother.


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