{P, F, H, R} 6/7

round button chicken

I love irises.  These were planted by the previous owners and three large groups have been blooming this week.


The JayP and Karate Kid planted 25 asparagus crowns last month.  So far, seven have sprung.  I love asparagus and we should be enjoying the fruits of these plants for many years to come.

Our lil' one has discovered the joy of bubbles.  Unfortunately, he has also become very insistent on doing things for himself.

Which means he's not too successful in the blowing of the bubbles.  Still, he's so cute trying!

Our lovely Husqvarna tractor and accessories has taken up the space of one car in our garage.  We've hired a contractor from our parish to build a shed for our garden toy.  I'm beginning to think the Husqvarna is a money pit.  I'm thinking 7 asparagus plants do not make up for the $ we've put into the tractor so far.  It will pay for itself down the road, right?  At least, that's what I'm telling myself.


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