The Imp

Lil' Lamb turned 16 months on the 4th.  He is an imp, through and through.  Thankfully most of the time we can laugh at his antics.  He is so full of personality his little body can barely contain him.  He's a brute and loves to bring sticks or markers or weapons of any kind in order to "battle" with us.  It's funny, but it can also be quite painful as he often misses hitting our weapon and hits our knuckles instead.  He's a climber and has been climbing the chairs to the table top.  He climbs the rocks in our yard and will attempt to jump off.  Lil' Lamb has picked up a love for baseball and loves for us to cheer him on as he hits his "home runs".  He is certainly a rough and tumble boy.

He has really started talking in the last month; saying Hi, Bye, Mama, Dada, Banana, Ball, Doggy, Please, Happy and a couple of his siblings' names.  He's also finally using some signs; More, Please, Sorry, Ball, Baby, and All Done.  He still resorts to pointing and whining, but at least we are making progress on the communication front.

He is changing and growing by the moment and we are just trying to savor every last bit of baby-ness left in him.


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