An Answer

Mother Ephesus called yesterday to let me know Oleander has tested positive for Lyme's disease.  Poor girl.  We could have been treating this months ago, except Lyme spirochete are tricky little buggers and this disease just manifests itself differently in each victim.  The flu-like symptoms, enlarged spleen (seen on ultrasound), and the constant stomach issues should have set bells off for someone, but they just didn't put the pieces together without the culprit tick bite or bulls-eye rash.  Apparently presenting with the disease with the tick and or rash only happens in about 30% of Lyme's cases.

The game plan for now is a 30 day course of antibiotics and hopefully our dear girl will be on the road to recovery.  Unfortunately, she's been suffering with this for 4 months or more which can make recovery a bit more tentative.  Keep her in your prayers!  We greatly appreciate it!


Michelle said…
Oh, poor girl, but thank goodness you have a diagnosis and good prognosis. 20 years ago, my FIL had Lyme disease, one of the first to get it in his state, and it took a very long time to diagnose it. It took a long time to recover, too, I think, but he did. And it is so much easier to get through something if you know what you're up against.
Anonymous said…
Thank God you've got an answer! You must be so relieved. I'm hoping all the medication will help her recover quickly. How have your issues been going? Is PT helping?
bobbi said…
I'm so glad you found the answer. Thank God! I hope she feels better soon.

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