30 Day Photo Challenge: Series 1

In an attempt to keep expanding my photography skills and techniques I'm doing a photograph a day project for 30 days.  

 Day 1--Self Portrait
I actually like this photo and have used it for my various profile pics :)

Day 2--What I wore
I love these shoes.  I wear them everyday and almost everywhere.

Day 3--Clouds
There were very few clouds to shoot so this is kind of a "meh" photo.

Day 4--Something Green
Love, love, love limes!

Day 5--High Angle
This isn't considered a particularly "high" vantage point, but I was shooting the lil' guy from above and I love the expression on his lil' face.


Anonymous said…
I was wondering about the dirt bike post....did Conner's parents know your rules about only playing outside? I'd be having a fit with them if they knew my rule and still didn't respect it.
Maurisa said…
I have not spoken with Connor's parents. We are in a weird situation in that we live in a very Mormon neighborhood and while people are nice they do not seem to want to be friends with us. Rather than expect the neighbors to uphold out rules we expect our kids to know our rules and uphold them.
Anonymous said…
Thats true, but kids are kids and a little parental backup is sure to be a good thing. I hope Wingnut Jr. has learned a good lesson and that everything works out with your Mormon neighbors. I have some Mormon friends and they are just the sweetest people. A little odd, but good people.

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