We Need a Hero

I ceased being a card carrying member of the Republican Party during the last election cycle. I voted independently in the primaries and then for the McCain/Palin ticket in the general election, although it left a very bad taste in my mouth. Funny, I couldn't remember McCain's name while writing this and I had to look it up!

I was hopeful, however, when Rick Santorum joined the race and was actually making a ruckus in the apparent Romney coronation.  I did not take the news of Santorum dropping out of the race well.  I'm depressed, quite frankly.  Santorum may not have been the absolutely perfect candidate, but he was the one in the race that most represented my family's views.

Romney may toe the party line, but even the Republican Party doesn't toe it's own line.  Living in Salt Lake City, I know Romney is the winning candidate here.  His being mormon is not a disqualifier for me. Romney lacks conviction and fortitude.  His principles blow with the wind.  That is a huge problem.  It's also a symptom of his being mormon.  Their religious "doctrines" also blow with the wind and can change with the whim of the current "Prophet".  Their principles too often change to match the prevailing culture, and I'm afraid that is who Romney is.

We need a hero.  We need a hero for life.  We need a hero for religious freedom.  We need a hero for true fiscal responsibility. We need a hero that will stand on properly formed principles and will not sway.  Who will be our hero?  I very well may sit this election out.  There isn't a hero in sight.

I have lifted my eyes to the mountains from whence shall come my help.  My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  Psalm 121:1-2


I feel much the same as you do Maurisa. In fact, yesterday I posted the youtube link to the 80's Bonnie Tyler song Holding Out for a Hero in protest of both party's nominees. I will, I believe, need to write someone in. I admire Santorum's reason for dropping out to care for his family, particularly Bella. That is a man with the kind of character we need to lead this country. We are so far gone now...
I posted too soon. I have many friends who claim to be pro-life who are now saying, "Well, we have to vote for the party's nominee. We just have to hold our noses and do it." No, you don't. People need to remember that when you choose the lesser of two evils, YOU STILL CHOOSE EVIL.
Katie said…
While I agree with you Maurisa, the only problem is is that we are in for a lot of trouble if Obama gets re-elected. He cannot get re-elected. I think it would be disastrous for our nation if he gets 4 years in office, unchecked. So, while I do not like Romney, I will vote for him because we cannot afford 4 more years of Obama.
Drina said…
I agree with everything Maurisa said about Santorum and Romney. However, I think it's OK to choose the lesser of two evils in this case. I am NOT excited about Romney AT ALL, but not voting or writing in a name just seems like another vote for Obama to me. I don't like being in this situation :(
Maurisa said…
If we lived in a state where the election was in doubt, I would definitely vote to keep Obama out of office, but as we live in Utah, Romney will win here. I feel safe and justified in either not casting a presidential vote at all or writing in a candidate closer to our values.

Choosing the lesser of two evils is an awfully slippery slope, and I agree, Drina, I do not like being in this situation at all!
Michelle said…
I'm not sure what I will do - and I'm registered in Florida, so it does matter. I ALWAYS vote, but often I vote for "none of the above" and pull the lever on a blank slate. I nearly cried when Santorum quit, but I can't blame him. I do blame the Republican party for, once again, putting forward an unappealing "moderate" and slick-haired politician (how I see Romney). I do agree that if Obama wins reelection it is really really bad news for this country. But I feel that if Romney wins, it means we're heading in the exact same direction, just at a slower pace - kicking the can down the road, so to speak, about big, fundamental issues.
Tonya said…
I won't need to vote in our primaries (yeah, they are in June - what a joke!). But I have said all along that I will vote for whoever can beat Obama. I'm not happy with Romney, but he has to be better than Obama - and an unchecked Obama who isn't concerned about getting reelected.

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