Lil' Lamb at 14 Months

We've been a bit busy around here, what with Holy Week, my brother's visit, and then my two girls came home for Easter. With all the hubbub  I forgot to post a 14 month photo of Lil' Lamb.  He has changed so much over the last month.  He's walking, nearly running, and he's begun talking and signing. He's also decided he loves me after all and has become a little cuddle-bug-mama's-boy.  I did snap several photos of the boys collecting eggs on Easter.  I can't believe I had only two little one's young enough to still want to find eggs :(.  They are all growing up sooooo fast.  I can barely stand it.

Lil' Lamb loved placing eggs in his basket.

Collecting Easter eggs is serious work.

I could just smother that sweet little serious face with kisses.


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