{P,H,F,R} Campfires, Lamb, and Coffee

round button chicken


Beautiful daughter #1

Beautiful and camera shy daughter #2


Marshmallows roasting over a campfire in our cool fire pit

Lil' Lamb discovered the happiness of marshmallows

What can make a child happier than marshmallows? S'mores, of course.

Lil' Wingnut loved everything about the campfire, marshmallows, and s'mores.  He is a boy, after all.


It's our family tradition to have lamb on Holy Thursday.  Special K loves lamb. I caught her gnawing on the leftover bone even after dinner.

Lil' Lamb has discovered the joy of coffee.  He was licking his chops once he got ahold of Wingnut's mostly empty cup.


It was an all too short visit with our two oldest girls.  Oldest daughter will be home again in 4 weeks, but Oleander's summer itinerary is still unknown.  Lil' Lamb was just starting to warm up to her and then she had to go back to school.  She'll have to start all over again when she comes home next.


*kate said…
Mmmm, s'mores! I'm almost afraid to introduce my boys to them. But I am so looking forward to making some this summer :)
Mama Bear, JD said…
Marshmallows make my littles happy too! Great great pictures.

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