Running Update

Running is going pretty well.  I really love the Couch to 5K program.  It breaks running down into achievable little bits. I am able to complete the cycle and still feel just a touch sore the next day without feeling like I've killed myself. As of yesterday, I'm over 1/3 of the way through the program.

We have a nice little track at our neighborhood park and yesterday I took the kiddos down to the park and had them run a lap or two to see how'd they do. Lil' Wingnut didn't make it even half way around the 1/4 mile track, but to be fair, he had already run the entire 1/3 mile to the park. Special K made it one full lap and Skoshi A ran two laps without a problem. It was pretty convenient. Once they had finished their little run they played on the playground with Lil' Lamb while I continued my workout.

We'd like the kids to enjoy running. It's a simple, fairly inexpensive way to stay active and in shape. We're looking into a couple different fun runs to enter as a family. Wingnut was looking for a couple teammates to join him in doing the Spartan Beast Run in June here in Utah. Each teammate would run 3-5 miles plus complete 5 or more challenging obstacles and then finish the last mile together. Karate Kid and my sister were the only takers, but then my sister had to bow out due to other commitments. Too bad, Lil' Wingnut had really wanted to try the 1/2 mile Junior Spartan Race.

It looks like our best bet will be the Foam Fest Race in Ogden this August. I should definitely be race ready by then and there's also a 1/2 mile course for the kids. After yesterday's trial run, I know the kids will need to train some to be ready. Special K and Lil' Wingnut just need a little coaching in pacing themselves. 1/2 mile at a gentle pace should be no problem for them. Skoshi A will need to train a bit more seriously to get up to 5K. She's in pretty great shape already, but running a distance is just a different kind of animal she's not yet experienced. It should be a fun summer learning to run together.


Anonymous said…
Good for you! Keep up the good work. I'm feeling inspired to start running with your program now. =)
Teresa said…
Good luck to you all! Let us know how the races go.
Also, you left a real name in the last paragraph of your post by mistake.

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