We've had a lot going on with a lot up in the air. This has truly been a pretty miserable week all around, but hopefully things will start to improve.

Ollie had her HIDA scan and the results were normal. Which was good news, I believe. The surgeon has recommended that she see a gastroenterologist for further testing. Of course, our insurance is in the process of transitioning and we've had some maneuvering to do in order that she can continue to receive care without interruption.

For Ollie to see the GI doc, she must have a referral from her Primary Care Manager(PCM), of whom I needed to choose from a list on the Tricare website, sight unseen. I choose a PCM from the list provided, but when I called to make an appointment, I was told the nurse practitioner I had chosen had her practice 30 miles from the original location I'd been given by the website. Argh! I called around and found a PCM just a few miles from the Aspirancy, but she couldn't see Oleander until the 1st of May. Ollie has her appointment with the GI doc on the 1st of May, and that was a very hard to come by appointment. The sisters didn't want to wait and have to reschedule, so Sister Hope called another PCM and she was able to see Oleander yesterday and gave us the much needed referral to the gastroenterologist. So now we just wait and see what comes of that appointment.

I'm still suffering from the pinched nerve in my neck. I did make a trip to the emergency room on Sunday night where I was prescribed steroids, muscle relaxants, and pain killers. None of which gave me any relief whatsoever. I have been pretty much incapacitated on the couch with my heating pad and ice pack. Wingnut had most of the week off, but had to go on a trip yesterday. Before he left he scheduled a massage therapy appointment for me on Wednesday evening. Oh my! I wish we'd thought of that earlier. After an hour long massage I was greatly improved. At least I can sleep lying down now and do simple tasks around the house pain free. My fingers in my left hand are still numb, and the massage therapist seemed to think another appointment would get me back to normal. Unfortunately, Wingnut is flying today and Monday meaning I'll need to wait until Tuesday for any further relief. The worst has been having to drive the JayP back and forth to school. I can't seem to find a posture while driving that takes the pressure off the pinched nerve. I think JP really wishes he had his license. My groaning and squirming has been making him a bit nervous.

Of course, this means I haven't been able to run at all this week. That just depresses me. It was going so well. I'm hoping I'm not out of commission too much longer. I'd really hate to restart from square one. Sigh.

For now, I'll be happy for small successes this week. Even through my addled brain fog, we were able to complete all of our school work this week. With some direction from my position on the couch, the kids have been able to keep at least the main level of the house a livable space. Even Lil' Lamb has been cooperative and allowed Skoshi A to provide many of his needs. We are surviving, and that alone is a blessing.


Anonymous said…
I'm sorry sweetie. I hope you get some relief and find out what is going on with your body. Prayers coming your way. =)
Michelle said…
Praying for you! When Bill was in Afghanistan, I woke up one morning with one of those pinched nerves/painful neck and shoulder problems. Weeks went by, and I still suffered, although I had started to accept and accommodate the pain in some weird way. I finally was visiting my parents and my mom wanted to treat me to a facial for Christmas...I begged for a massage instead. Thank goodness, they had a very strong and talented man on the job. I wanted to take him home with me...or at least just his hands. Since then, I've had a similar pain occur twice or 3 times. If it gets past 2 or 3 days, I schedule a massage. I haven't gotten someone as good as he was yet, but it always helps to some degree - better than drugs. Mine always seem related to stress, so I think that's why the massage is the most helpful route, since it includes relaxation as well. Perhaps Oleander's medical issues, especially with her so far away, are just too much right now, and this is your body's way of dealing with life (poorly!).

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