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round button chicken


I can't believe our pretty little girl will be 10 next week!  We took her to the local farm supply store and let her pick out her birthday gift.

Aren't these just the most awesome boots?


My tractor arrived and Wingnut wasted no time before tilling up several hundred feet of garden space.  Of course, the kids wanted to help out.  Special K was downright gleeful over driving the tractor.

Wingnut could not resist the opportunity to make a face for the camera.


Wingnut found a halfway decent donut shop near Ogden.  He plopped this fritter in front of Lil' Lamb, and boy did the lil' guy go for it. That is one big donut!


With several hundred square feet of garden comes several hundred pounds of rock.  We set the kids to it, but if we want the garden in on time, they are going to need some help.  Wingnut ordered a landscape rake for the tractor so that we can at least drag the rocks into manageable piles.

Lil' Lamb loved the sound the rocks made as he tossed them into the wheelbarrow.  He probably hauled twice his body weight in rock to the wheelbarrow all by himself.


Tonya said…
Looks like you will have plenty of work for the kids this summer! :-) Great garden space!!
Dawn said…
This looks like so much fun. Hard work, but so fulfilling. I love lil lamb hauling rocks in just his diaper! What a man!
Anonymous said…
Those boots are so adorable! And Lil'Lamb with that donut is priceless. =)

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