I'd Rather Go Through Childbirth

I've been having an issue with pinched nerves in my neck for some time now.  It hasn't been too severe, just a little tingling and numbness in my fingers.  This last weekend it turned into a real problem.  The pain has been quite severe and nothing I've tried has relieved it with much success.  Anti-inflammatory NSAIDs, Bio-freeze, hot and cold packs, stretching have all failed to give me any relief.  Lying down makes it worse, and imagine trying to nurse Lil' Lamb while lying on my bad side on on my good side, or on my back.  Forget about it!  I've been reduced to tears on more than one occasion.  It's looking like I'll need to see the doctor this week.  I'm sure I'll be told to rest, stretch, take ibuprofen, and alternate heat and cold. Ugh!  We are still in med insurance limbo.  Boo-hoo!  I'd rather give birth again than be in this kind of pain. On top of it, I'm completely good for nothing.  I have to sit completely immobile to be pain free.  Sympathy and prayers would be much appreciated!  Can I offer it up for any special intentions?  I have some I'm already praying for, but I can certainly add you to my list.


Dawn said…
Praying for you here Maurisa. Please, if you would, offer it for the Good and Holy Priests, esp. Fr.'s John, Joe and Tom. They all have a special place in my family and each are gping through struggles. Thanks!

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