Navigating the Un-navigable

Tricare was confusing while we were active duty, now that Wingnut is retired it has become downright hellish. To make things more complicated we live in one region and our two daughters are in school in another region, so our enrollment needs to be split. This has become a grave problem, as Oleander has been having medical issues that require attention.

Wingnut and I spent the better part of the morning on the phone and online trying to figure out where we go from here. On the phone, the representative made it sound like Tricare Standard might be the better option. It does sound like less hassle. There would be no need for referrals and authorizations. There are no premiums, but there are co-pays and deductibles. It's looking like Ollie's medical issues may need to be looked at extensively and so economically it may be better to go with Tricare Prime, which has premiums to pay but no deductibles or co-pays. However, Tricare Prime requires us to seek out particular doctors that accept that coverage and also requires authorizations and referrals which have to all be initiated by the primary care physician.

Ollie saw a surgeon today and he wrote a referral for a HADI scan. We are currently Tricare Standard. She could receive all her care quickly, and without authorizations, but it could run up a fairly large bill, especially if she needs surgery. We are electing to switch to Tricare Prime Retired. Supposedly we can enroll online. After spending too much of his time trying to navigate through the DEERS website, VA website, and Tricare's multiple websites, Wingnut finally gave up. We are heading to Hill AFB this afternoon and handing this navigation over to someone else. I sure hope they can figure this out for us. I hate leaving Ollie and the Sisters hanging, waiting for the go ahead.


Tonya said…
Tricare sucks. But, hey, you're kind of saying something is wrong with Ollie, but WHAT? I will be praying for her!
Michelle said…
Praying for her - and for you. Not confident online enrollment is the way to go. We're doing the online PCS move, which is the Army's latest thing and was not how they did it 2 years ago when we got here. I was in tears this morning. I finally gave up trying to add me as a point of contact (I'll make my husband go into the transportation office and do it manually), but I had to quit anyway when it started asking for info off his orders, which were at his office.

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