Small Successes: Rock on Mom!

Small Successes for February 25, 2010

1) My mother-in-law is coming today. We are all so excited to see her, and I know I really do not have to clean house for her. I know she would never look down her nose at my housekeeping. She is incredibly generous and helpful and loving. I just can't help myself. The wood floors, well, they look spectacular. That's all I can say.

2) I was finally able to get in a couple runs this week. I haven't been able to run because of all the snow we had here. They weren't awesome runs, but they were pretty good and I know as the weather gets warmer and more predictable, and the days grow longer, I'll be able to run more frequently and be able to set some new running goals. Hurry up, spring! I'm ready to run.

3) Karate Kid has had her license since the end of January, but once again, due to the copious amounts of snow, she has not been able to do much driving. On Monday night she made her first outing without an adult in the car, and I did not freak out or stress too much. Will I ever get to the point where I won't worry so much about my babies? Not likely.

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ViolinMama said…
For #3 - I doubt it. LOL! My mother STILL worries about me so I know I'll NEVER stop either :)

Love your list!! Good job running!!

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