Not Cool!

Have you ever read this book to your kids? My cousin gave it to me as a gift when our oldest was born. I could not read it without crying, let alone read it aloud to her. Over the years I'd try and desensitize myself to the stupid book, but I'd always get to the end and get all choked up and cry like a big wimp. Karate Kid and Stat Boy would bring the book to me with evil little smirks on their faces when they were around 5 and 3 years old. They didn't want to hear me read that book so much as much as they wanted to see me cry. Once the sniffles began, they'd begin snickering, the little imps. Eventually I just hid the book.

Some evil child has put this rotten book into Lil' Wingnut's book box. He wanted me to read it to him. It's been years. I thought I could do it. I was doing just great, and then I came to the very last:

I love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be

I began sniffling and choking up. Lil' Wingnut found my tears quite humorous. I should just burn it. I just can't take the humiliation any longer.


Tonya said…
I have friends who think that book is a bit creepy. Try to think of that aspect when you read it. Crawling into your grown sons bedroom window, picking him up (ha ha ha) and putting him on your lap to rock him? Imagine your hubby's mom doing that. Ummm, yeah, a bit creepy.
Maurisa said…
My teens do think it is a creepy book now. It still doesn't keep them from snickering when I read it.
Sarah - Kala said…
I don't know which is funnier: the book or your constant reaction to it over the years or your kids sense of humour!
This made me chuckle.
Katie said…
Am I the only one who has never read the book? I have heard it quoted a bunch of times, but have never read it.
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

I sure love your passion for being such a great mom...even though you are a BIG FAT WUSS!!! (Not as fat as you used to be!)

Love Ya Mau!

Kim said…
Just passing thru :) but I just wanted to say that I am SO right there with you about this book! Every time I have tried to read it I just break down and SOB--now I won't go anywhere near it!
I do also agree with the creepy part--pretty much just all around, I can't handle this book at all.

Blessings to you!
-- Kim from WI
Sam said…
I still sign my letters and emails to BR. Joshua at the seminary:

I love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My Joshy you'll be

When I get in an argument with one of my sweeties...I sometimes put it on their pillow to remind them!!!

LOVE-Love-Love it!!!

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