Prima Ballerina

From the very first moment Oleander stepped up to the barre, we knew this was the "sport" for her. She has really flourished in ballet and will be taking her Grade III exam on her 13th birthday next week.

Oleander in tendue en derriere. Oleander has a beautiful point and stretch in her foot.

In releve on pointe.

She didn't like many of the photos I picked out of her actually dancing. Ballerinas are funny like that. She did like these three of her putting on her pointe shoes. This one is my favorite.

Putting on pointe shoes is quite a process. She's getting better and quicker each time.

All ready for pointe work at the barre, along with a nice cheesy grin.


Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Wow where did you get pictures of yourself dancing ballet when you were younger...wait...I don't remember you being in anything but band at that age. Ohhhhh that's Little O. Oooops sorry, my mistake! Holy cow you talk about a little twin of Meme!

Love Ya Mau

Tonya said…
She is so beautiful - and growing up! She is a lovely ballerina too.

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