Having children spanning the ages of 17 and 3, I am sometimes struck by little oddities. This morning, our oldest son shaved for the very first time, while our youngest son dressed himself for the very first time. I am aware this really isn't all that unusual, but I found it just a bit funny.


Walt said…
Hey Mau,

Think of this...StatNut shaved all two hairs on his chin while Little Wingy picked out his own underwear...hopefully it was a fresh pair! Maybe StatNut will be picking out his own underwear one of these days!!!!

Love ya Mau!
Our Family said…
Walt beat me to the punch
Let him know that if he needs shaving tips Inch will gladly oblige... Especially tips on how to stop the bleeding. LOL
Seahawkfan said…
haha. i dont think u even wear under wear uncle. bleh. help from inch? he looks like he falls asleep while he is shaving. and is to lazy to finish when he wakes up. SEAHAWKS ARE AWESOME. (no not really.) i am not stupid enough to press the razor hard into my skin... unlike some people.
Maurisa said…
I think the boy does not realize you are talking about a regular razor. His dad gave him an electric one. Shows how much we trust him with sharp objects.

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