Small Successes: Always Forward

Small Successes for February 18, 2010:

1) I stayed on top of the laundry this week. Everything is even folded and put away!

2) After a little mix up yesterday morning (I thought our parish had a 10 am Mass for Ash Wednesday), I packed up the kids and drove the 26 miles to the National Shrine for their 12:10 Mass. Over the years I've come to realize if I miss Ash Wednesday, I have a very difficult time getting into Lent. It was a beautiful Mass. I am so glad we made it and now I feel mentally and spiritually ready for this Lenten Season.

3) I created and filled in grade sheets for my two high schoolers' 2nd quarter, which ended the first week in February. Finding, grading, dating, and organizing an entire quarter's work for two students took a good chunk of my Sunday evening. Hopefully I'll be a little more proactive the rest of the year and fill in their grade sheets on a more regular basis. Procrastinating really is a pain!

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ViolinMama said…
I hear you on the Ash Wed service.

Teresa said…
Wow, you should've come to St. Pius. We had a 9, 10, 11, 12:30, and 7pm or something like that. Then you wouldn't have had to do all that driving.

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