A Year of Small Successes

Faith and Family Live has chronicled a year's worth of Small Successes. Wow! I believe, with few exceptions, I've been there posting right along.

1) I've begun using Map My Run to increase the length of my running loop. Last weekend I mapped out a 4 mile course and that distance for the first time. Of course, my poor 41 year old body revolted and my legs have been dead ever since, but it's ever onward and upward from there!

2) We've been desiring to expand the cultural experiences of our children. On Friday night, two of my ballerinas and I are heading to the Kennedy Center to see American Ballet Theater's production of Romeo and Juliet. I can't wait!

3) On Friday we will have reached the half way mark in our homeschool year. Boy has it really flown by! I'll have progress reports to post next week.

What are your Small Successes for the week?


Anonymous said…
It is not easy to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. Good for you! And I hope your legs recover soon.
I can't wait until I can take my girls to the theater.
Congratulations on all your successes!
Wow... #2 is awesome!! I'm so jealous and happy you get to do that! I'm sure you don't take for granted being ABLE to expand their cultural horizons. Living in the boondocks of the country, the greatest "cultural" experiences around here (within a 6 hour drive) are high school plays or county fairs.

#1 is truly inspiring :D.
Mary @ Cheerios said…
Yay for 1/2 way through the school year-that is a HUGE success!!! good job for you, the mom/teacher, adn the kids!!! ;) God bless, Mary@ Cheerios
Dawn said…
Wow! On all of them! :)
ViolinMama said…
What a cool post!! So many exciting things. Good for you on #2. That is so nice for your family!!!!

Yeah on running...wow!!! WOW!!!

Much love!

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