Arch Enemies: Part 2

At the dinner table last evening, Lil' Wingnut asked his big brother to beat up Tom. Apparently, Tom hates North Carolina, the Seahawks, and the Vikings. In his three year old mind that is more than enough motivation for fourteen year old Stat Boy to beat up a five year old bully. I let the little guy know, Stat Boy is not in the habit of beating up five year olds. He asked if I'd do his dirty work for him. I declined. He finally asked his doting father to beat up Tom. His father assented, to which Lil' Wingnut exclaimed, "You're my hero, Dad!" Later he promised, "When you beat up Tom and make him cry I'll give you a surprise. It's my Webkinz." Um, yeah.


Rob said…
I'm in big trouble. I hate the heels, seahawks and vikings too...please don't let Lil'Wingnut knee cap me

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