Small Successes: One More Step for Momkind

Small Successes for January 21, 2010:

1) I kept on top of the laundry this week. I even sorted and matched socks.

2) When the new dishwasher was delivered, I did not freak out and point a blaming finger at anyone when the darn thing was too big to fit under our countertop. I calmly consulted with Wingnut. Together we decided to send the new dishwasher back and that evening we went into the appliance store and picked out another dishwasher that will fit. Our new dishwasher arrives on Saturday.

3) Every other year, our homeschool co-op participates in a JA Biztown simulation curriculum. I am heading the program for our co-op this time around. Yesterday, my co-teacher and I went through six weeks worth of curriculum, organizing and familiarizing ourselves with it so we will be ready to lead the first class next Friday.

What are your small successes for the week? Add you link to the list of successful moms at Faith and Family Live.


#2 is semi-monumental, actually. Few things are more disappointing than thwarted gratification with a major purchase. Yay for not playing the poisonous blame game! :)
Party of Eleven said…
Thank you for all that you are doing re: biztown!!! I truly appreciate all that you do that makes our co-op run so smoothly :)

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