God's Design?

When babies are born they are so beautiful and helpless. Parents can't help but love and adore them. As toddlers, just observing them grow and learn and discover the world around them is absolutely endearing, so even though they are beginning to assert their independence, they are still incredibly lovable. As children enter their school years, they begin helping around the house, often becoming indispensable. They begin to enjoy some of the same pastimes as their parents, and can carry on mostly intelligent conversations. School age children become treasured chums and we can't imagine our lives without them.

Then something happens. Puberty hits. Frequent moodiness occurs. Your teen suddenly wants you, his loving parent, to leave him alone. They suddenly begin to smell funny, not the sweet essence they had as babies, or the aroma of the great outdoors they had as school aged children, but the kind of stink that requires a daily shower and deodorant. Your teenage son's voice changes and the sound of his cracking or squeaking voice drives you to distraction. He also begins to grow long whiskers on his chin and even that drives you nuts.

If you're a father, your teenage son may start beating you in sports. If you're a mother, your teenage daughter begins doing some things better than you do, whether it be cooking, housekeeping, or playing creative games with younger children. This becomes irritating to you.

Now you begin to imagine your house without your teenage children in it. Now you start to count the days until they are 18 or on their way to college. You still love them beyond measure, but they just need to leave your house in peace and start their own family.

I'm really beginning to see God's plan in all this. If our children were not beautiful and helpless as infants we wouldn't care for them. If they didn't finally grow up and become teens, we'd never want them to leave us and start families of their own. Of course, I'm being a bit tongue in cheek on this, but there is a kernel of truth in it, don't you agree?


maxbrucewell said…
Hi Maurisa,
It is a good thing when your children turn out better than you, as the three of you have. I remember when Walter became stronger than me, I had to bluff him. I'm so thankful for your positive healthy attitudes.
Love Dad
Dawn said…
I have no real experience in all of this, since my oldest is only 7. I'm a bit nervous about the teen years, though!
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

To start off...Dad did bluff me. He would get that angry look in his eye, bite his tongue and would become agressive...he used the intimidation factor to his benefit. (he still tries but it's not effective at all...just makes me laugh) We are getting to the smelly side of 13 with Sawyer (I can't tell what smells worse...him or a rotting animal that George used to roll in). He thinks he gets hair on his chin but when he washes his face it miraculously disappears. His voice has yet to start cracking so we get all the smell of puberty but with the voice of Alvin or one of the chipmunks. I am beginning to prepare for his exit from the home because I am tired of telling him to pick up his socks or dirty dishes. I can't wait until he is married because a wife has many tools in her arsenal to persuade her husband to be a productive member of the house (grounding from the X-Box is only effective to a point). When it comes to our girls...Jaylee doesn't count. Not because we love her more or less but because...well...you know what I mean. Abby is still our little pal but sees her mother as competition to receiving affection from her dad (funny to watch annoying to Jen). She is starting to raise the irritating level in her personality by downgrading the amount of input she wants from her parents. It's not huge just increasingly noticable. I totally see your point of God's plan for raising and herding them youngins out of the coral. Sometimes I wonder if He is laughing at us parents and saying "Now you have a small glimpse of what I go through!"

Love Ya Mau!

Anonymous said…
My mother always said that if children didn't become teens, parents would never be able to part with them.

Jen in OK
Maurisa said…
Thanks, Dad! You have to admit you deserve some of the credit, though!

Dawn, Do not fret. Teenagers are truly wonderful. I love mine. They just aren't cute and cuddly anymore and very often smell funky! What I enjoy most about my teens are the great conversations we are able to have and watching them form ideas and opinions of their very own.

Bro, no comment. You make me laugh!

Jen, Your mom is a very wise woman!
Dawn said…
Great post and comment from your brother. So true..my 15 yo has a few long whiskery things on his face that I try to ignore. Not enough to shave and he's so dern proud of them. He's in competition from the 13 yo to see who shaves first. This oughta be good...

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