And the Winner is. . .

. . . Sarah-Kala! Now that is funny, as I just won a drawing over at her blog last week. Really, we've no nepotism going on here! I had my most girly girl, Special K, draw a name out of a hat. Congrats, Sarah-Kala! You have my email address, so if you could pop an email with your mailing address I'll send out your gift card as soon as it arrives here. While you're waiting, have a browse at I'm sure it will satisfy!


Walt said…
Hey Mau,

How win on her blog and she wins on your blog. Oh I would find any use for the $20 certificate anyways. By the way the term would be colusion not nepotism. If you would have practiced nepotism I would have won...which I didn't.

I hope you, the Big Wingster and the gang of 6 are doing well. We miss an love ya!!!

Love Ya Mau,

Maurisa said…
Ah, you are wrong, my brother. Nepotism can apply to favoritism among friends as well as family, and who could be a better friend than one that has given me a gift first???
Sarah - Kala said…
Ha ha ha. I was thinking when I signed up for this: if I win, people may think something funny is going on (nepotism is the word, thank you for providing the word) . . . and I thought, I'll probably win 'cos I can't win something w/out people thinking something funny is going on. I won a book off a blog recently, and then a scarf from the same blog . . . ahem. :)

I'll get right on that email. WOOT WOOT!!
Walt said…
You both are's colusion wrapped up in are just covering up (pun intended) the truth!

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