Arch Enemies

Lil' Wingnut has a big imagination. You give him a little synopsis and he takes off with it and creates a complete image of a boy, about 5 years old, who is the absolute antithesis of himself. This little boy's name is Tom and he has brown hair and blue eyes. He is also a very bad, and threatening boy. Apparently he has threatened to give Lil' Wingnut a purple eye and a kick in the nose. Tom doesn't brush his teeth. He brushes his armpits and he never says his prayers. Tom is a very wicked little boy at Mass and never earns donuts or gum. I don't think I like this Tom character at all.

For the life of me, I do not know why Lil' Wingnut has created an arch-nemesis. It must be a bit of male bravado. Our little guy talks a mean game about giving Tom a round house kick to the face, vanquishing his enemy in no time flat. Funny, that brave little boy completely collapses, hides his face in my arms, and whimpers if anyone happens to mention Tom is at the door asking for him.


Anonymous said…
hahaha:D That is messed up to tell him Tom is at the door:D
Anonymous said…
Haha! Boys are so cute!
Maurisa said…
Messed up? Yup, that would be us! LOL!
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Do you know what the difference between Jaylee and LW is??? (besides the obvious) LW makes up his nemesis while Jaylee finds a real one at school. Every year since 1st grade Jaylee finds a person who is the closest to her in the strong willed department and determines that person is the cause of all of the world's ills and unfairness in her life. Throughout the school year when Jaylee experiences the consequences for her actions she will go into an emotional "place" and spout out a continuous string of wrongs brought out by the evilness of (Fill in the blank). The school caught on to this last year and chose to intervene in the disagreements of Jaylee and her Nemesis for the year Ayla. Every Friday the two would meet with the counselor for what I call "couples therapy" to talk out that week's conflicts. Our family counselor attributes it to Jaylee's way to create a path of self-vindication and to explain why here emotional outbursts are warranted. I fondly refer to her Nemesis' in a more simple term...Scapegoat! Tell LW that Tom had better leave my nephew alone or else is Uncle Clark Kent will come and put him through a wall!

Love ya Mau!

Dawn said…
How funny about the armpits!

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