Seven Years

I'll never forget the day we surprised our 6 kids and told them we were expecting another baby.  They were all so excited, especially Nadja, who cried with joy.  Leo has been just that too, an absolute joy.  He has been such a gift to our family.  On Sunday our little gift turned 7.

He had a marvelous day beginning with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

I created a Sour Patch Kid cake using citric acid to give it an extra sour kick.  It was quite successful, in fact maybe too successful.  A couple of us couldn't finish an entire piece because it was almost too sour. 

This year's books I purchased before Christmas from a dear friend who recently became an Usborne Books distributor.  Leo and Ben both dream of becoming inventors and I thought The Story of Inventions would be perfect for Leo.  The Usborne Big Maze Book is a big hit with my little maze and puzzle lover.

His favorite book is the Secrets of  Winter which comes from Usborne's Shine-A-Light series.  As you read you shine a flash light through the back of the page to discover hidden objects. 

I really can't believe it's already been 7 years.  Time is so fleeting.  We are trying to cherish our last baby being little for as long as possible, but he is growing fast and becoming his own little person. What a blessing he has been.


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