{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} February 11


I made this very pretty (and delicious) challah to go with a curried lentil soup for our main Ash Wednesday meal.  Fasting isn't quite as bad, if you have something so pretty waiting for you at the end.


It was February birthday week.  Our youngest and oldest had birthdays.  Leo blew out 5 candles on his chocolate sheet cake.

And Nadja blew out a single candle on her sophisticated cupcakes.  We decided 23 candles would be way too many to light.  No one likes candle wax on their cake.

Her cupcakes were amazing.  They were pineapple cupcakes, frosted with coconut buttercream and topped with toasted coconut, a pineapple wedge and a maraschino cherry.  I'll definitely be making those again.


The deer here have gotten down right audacious.  This doe just hung out nibbling our neighbor's bushes as we pulled up.  She didn't spook at all.


We've got a bug traveling through the kids.  Our little guy came down with a low grade fever on Saturday and even took a rare nap.  By Monday he was coughing and sputtering and this morning I have three more with stuffy noses and coughs.  I have the diffuser going with a myriad of essential oils.  Hopefully we'll have this licked in just a couple days.

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Chere Mama said…
Those cupcakes look amazing...now that's a royal birthday cake!! Yum. I share their Birthday month!
Marcia said…
I hope everyone feels better soon... I love those photos that captured the birthday candle-blowing act, and those cupcakes look exotic and delicious!

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