{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Sun Valley 2016


We took our annual winter vacation in Sun Valley this week.  I was surprised to return home with so few photos.  I guess we were all having too much fun.  It was absolutely lovely in Sun Valley.


Mr. Leo thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He skied a ton.  On the first day he rode the magic carpet to the top of a wee hill and skied down with me running behind him to make sure he didn't run into anything.  He has not quite mastered stopping while on skis.

Being such a little guy, his ski day was done much sooner than the rest our our skiers.  He and I would then head back to the lodge for a lunch date.  


It was a 5.5 hour drive to Sun Valley due to the bad weather we had along the way.  Mr. Leo found ways of entertaining himself.  Here he is tearing paper into itty-bitty pieces.


Skiing with Mr. Leo is tough work for Chris, but they both really enjoy themselves.

Mr. Leo is getting better at turns.

Mr. Leo took 6 trips down the big mountain on our last day.  It's a great workout for Chris.

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Jennie C. said…
This is a really nice time for a vacation; most folks are pretty tired of life by now! :-)
Chere Mama said…
He is just too cute!!!! Sounds like such a great trip. I have never skied in my life..it looks so fun.

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