{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} New Beginnings 2016

I've recommitted to taking more photos in 2016.  I'm attempting once again to take at least one photo a day, whether on my phone or with my Canon.  It's a hobby I really do enjoy and I want to continue to improve and grow as a photographer.


We went to daily mass at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City.  Sister Ollie wanted to walk through the Jubilee Doors of Mercy there.  

We were greeted with a lovely surprise as the Cathedral's children's choir sang at this particular mass.  This was the same choir we heard on our trip to Rome last year.  They are truly spectacular and elevate the mass so wonderfully.

The Cathedral really is quite unique and beautiful.  The art work within is mostly of the art deco style and I love it.


Ollie finally stitched a scapular for me.  I absolutely adore it.


Mr. Leo loves his card games.  Saint Nicholas left this nifty card holder in his stocking and it gets used daily for Go Fish, Uno, etc.  I don't recall any of his siblings being into games as much as Leo is.  He's actually quite good and gets a huge kick out of beating me.


After mass, I took the kids to Gourmandise for a lovely dinner as part of our farewell to Ollie.  She headed back to the convent the next morning.  We miss her already.

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Chere Mama said…
I love that card holder! We could have used that when my kids were little and trying to hold all those cards in their tiny hands.
Your pictures of the cathedral are wonderful!!
And I know how you feel about Ollie leaving. Mine are all leaving one by one snifff!
Jennifer Hoots said…
Beautiful cathedral photos! Happy New Year!

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