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Pretty September sunrise


Happy climbing boy at the playground


Three of my girls and a friend ready for SLC Comic-con 2015

Angela made her costume.  I was so impressed, I'm handing over sewing duties to her.  She and her sisters figured out how to sew the cloak and modify and sew the bodice.  She purchased her wig, boots, and leggings to round out her costume as Tauriel from The Hobbit movies.

Nadja made her own costume, too.  She used a heat gun to mold sheets of foam rubber to her body and then used velcro to attach the pieces to a black underlayer.  She purchased a cheap helmet and painted everything to match, along with distressing to make it look like she's been through galactic battles. In case you are as Star Wars illiterate as I am, she went as a Mandalorian bounty hunter after the model of Boba Fett.

Katerina went as Honey Senpai from some anime show I've never seen.  She put her costume together using things around the house and purchased the pink bunny online.


Katerina has been complaining of blurriness, eye fatigue and headaches for a couple months.  I took her to have her eyes examined, and sure enough she does indeed need glasses for at least reading and watching video.

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As a fellow glasses wearer (since age 7), I love your daughters new glasses!
I love hearing about the younger generation of girls sewing - it's a skill that I'm so grateful my mom took the time to teach to me.
Wow, that sunrise!!! Amazing!!
Chere Mama said…
How fun! My Star Wars lovin' son would love these! Hope they have fun.
LOVE that pic on the playground.

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