The Problem with Kim Davis

Certainly by now you've heard about Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, and her subsequent jailing by a Federal Court judge.  Kim Davis has become the face of religious freedom in America.  I definitely applaud her for her courage and fortitude.

Unfortunately, Kim Davis may not be the candidate we should pin our ideals of traditional marriage on.  Please believe me, I am not passing judgement on Kim Davis.  She is a human being and a sinner, just as I am a human being and a sinner.  The problem with Kim Davis is she, herself, has had multiple marriages and divorces.  The problem is, what exactly constitutes "Traditional Marriage" in America?  The problem is, we've rallied behind the cry of "Traditional Marriage" and we really don't even know what that means anymore.

Marriage has been pillaged for decades in this country and gay marriage is just a continuation of the degradation of marriage.  We, as a nation, stopped believing in the sanctity of marriage when we, as a nation, began accepting contraception and no-fault divorce.  If we truly want to defend traditional marriage, we need to change the hearts and minds of people regarding the fecundity and permanence of true traditional marriage.  It will not be an easy task.  We will likely have many more Kim Davis' in the future.  We need many more Kim Davis' in the future if we want to open the eyes of this nation to the real harm we have done to marriage and in turn to family.


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