Thoughts on Obergefell

SCOTUS really took the sails out of June for me, but even more disheartening is the misunderstanding so many Americans have of the real meaning of marriage.  As one friend (Katherine) observed on Facebook, we have taken down three of the four pillars of marriage in the last 100 years: Fecundity was first when contraception became widely accepted and practiced after the Anglican Lambeth Conference of 1930; Permanence fell once no fault divorce became the norm rather than the exception; and then Complementarity/heterosexual union. With the Obergefell ruling, gay marriage has not only become legal in all 50 States, it is mandated.  The only pillar left standing is Monogamy and there have already been polygamous licenses applied for in Montana.  How long before the final pillar falls? Not long at all, in my opinion.  We are now living in a time when marriage means nothing and we will continue to see the decline in marriage and the destruction of the family as the years roll by.  Unfortunately, those who will suffer the most will be children.

Three of the largest mainline Christian denominations have made getting married as a gay couple in their churches a reality, showing even within the Christian community a very deep division and departure from authentic Christian teaching on marriage and morality.  As for the Catholic Church, I firmly believe we are safe, for now.  The Catholic Church already denies marriage within the Church to couples who are not Catholic, who have been divorced, etc. She will not be compelled to marry gay couples, but I am sure she will be punished for her non-compliance.

I've read so many wonderful reflections on Obergefell, I really have nothing more to add myself, but if you are interested in reading what the "smart" people are saying here are several links to brilliant pieces.

Matt Walsh has actually written several pieces since Obergefell, but this one is probably the most persuasive article regarding how the ruling does indeed harm people like me personally: Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally

Aleteia has a great article regarding getting the conversation right about gay marriage.  Rather than focusing on the sinfulness/morality of homosexual marriage, it points out the real dangers to children raised in gay households: Gay Marriage: Getting the Conversation Right is More Important Than Ever

First Things asked the question of several members of their symposium, "Where to from here?" in this article: After Obergefell

This final piece by Adam Freedman lays out how the Obergefell ruling threatens opposing Christians: Obergefell's Threat to Religious Liberty

As the celebration of Independence Day approaches, I pray for our country.  I pray she might restore our God given rights to practice and live our Faith freely without fear of persecution.  May God Bless America.


Nancy Shuman said…
Thank you for sharing such helpful links!
Anonymous said…
HI Maurisa. I have seen a new book that came out about Sr. Lucia of Fatima.

And an excerpt tells of how she confided with a priest friend of hers that

the last battle between Our Lord and the devil will be over marriage and


I hope we all have the courage and strength to endure the coming persecutions.

the godfather

Maurisa said…

That does not surprise me at all. Satan hates the Holy Family, and what better way to go after God's people than through the family? I believe our best weapon is the family rosary. We need to commit to praying as a family, attending Mass as a family, and going to confession as a family.

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