{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Sister Ollie Came to Town

Sister Olivia was able to come for a quick one week visit this week.  It was an unlooked for surprise and we were so happy to have her home, even if just for a few days.


The new photo for our vocations' board in our parish, as I had cut off Saint Joseph's head in her previous photo.  She wanted the mountains in the background this go-a-around.


One of Ollie's favorite meals is dry rubbed and grilled ribs.


Olivia was doing her best Benedict Cumberbatch imitation for the Mamarazzi (see the napkin over her face).  Seriously, this family cannot take a good photo.  Why is that?


With Sister Olivia home, we took full advantage of her seamstress skills.  She helped her two younger sisters make elements of their cosplay costumes for Comic Con in September.  

She did a beautiful job putting together Angela's Tauriel cloak.

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Chere Mama said…
How fun to have her home! Having dramatic kids is a blessing.....until you want to take a serious photo...there is always one doing something...well, dramatic! I laughed at all the pics. We REALLY need to meet someday! Our kids would have a blast together I am sure of it.

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