Thursday, February 26, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} February 26


Another beautiful Utah sunset.  This one was taken from Mount Ogden. You can just make out the outline of the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake in the distance.


Our neighbor's sister-in-law brought a truck load of organic lemons from Arizona and I purchased a bushel from her.  We have been in lemon heaven here.

They were huge, extremely juicy, and absolutely delicious lemons.

They could not have come at a better time, either.  Several of us have an upper respiratory issue and I've been dosing everyone with a concoction of raw honey, organic lemon, and sliced ginger.  I keep a jar in the fridge at all times, just in case.

I've also juiced many of the lemons and reused a store bought lemon juice bottle to store juice for sparkling lemon water.  We've already gone through two bottles.  Fresh lemon juice is sooooooooo much better than the store bought junk.

I've made lemon bars twice this last week.  I've been tweaking a recipe I've made since I was pre-teen.  The crust was perfect, but the lemon filling needed to be more lemony.  I think we've perfected the recipe and I'll be posting it later this week.


We finally got some new snow this week.  It hadn't snowed since Christmas.  Leo has really been enjoying skiing with Chris.  He's even graduated to a bigger hill and we decided it was time to put him in a helmet to protect his little noggin.  He doesn't look so thrilled in this photo, even though he was really excited to go.  He's such a funny little guy.


I've really been suffering from lack of inspiration in photography lately.  I think the dull, gray, winter environment is the culprit.  Without any snow, the landscape has been looking forlorn and barren.

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Laura {a spoonful of joy} said...

I couldn't agree more about fresh lemon juice... SO much better! And I'm definitely going to check back for that recipe! :)

Deirdre said...

Envious of your lemons! They look and sound awesome!!

Chere Mama said...

Ooooh, the lemon bars.....oooh. They look amazing!

Kim Paradiso said...

Ahh, lemons!! When we lived in Arizona I was in lemon heaven!! We had generous neighbors and I always had fresh lemons at my disposal! You can bet I'll check back for the recipe too! Have a blessed week!